With over 20 years' experience in the highly skilled field of electrolysis, I pride myself on being the
only specialist, in Harrogate, using the method of electrolysis, for the removal of unwanted
hair and minor skin blemishes, permanently.

For further details, on how electrolysis could work for you, please book a 30 minute consultation, through Anna Jones at Harrogate Electrolysis
on 07377790252 or email annakjones@live.co.uk

About Me

Anna Jones

With over 20 years experience, in the highly skilled field of electrolysis, I pride myself on being the sole specialist in Harrogate, offering a first class service, in the permanent  removal of unwanted hair and minor skin imperfections.

My Practice is based within a prestigious Dental Practice, which provides the most hygienic environment, for what is considered to be a clinical treatment.

I have 15 years, of teaching in the further education sector and now bring this experience to my clinical practice. I myself have studied to degree level, gaining a BA, thus expanding on my own knowledge and skills.

I pride my clinical practice, on offering clients within my care, an educational and detailed consultation, in order to accurately plan bespoke courses of treatment (please note, this is a chargeable service, at a cost of £20).

About My Services

Perfect Skin

Permanent Hair Removal

I offer electrolysis, for the permanent removal of hair, more commonly, facial, however, larger areas can be treated, but are often linked to courses of Laser or IPL Hair Removal to gain faster results. Electrolysis, to date, is the only approved method of permanent hair removal by the FDA.

Removal of Minor Skin Imperfections

Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Various types of warts, Mole reduction and many more.

With ever decreasing G.P clinics, offering the removal of minor skin imperfections on the NHS, people are now having to seek treatment in the private sector. The use of electrolysis is nothing new and the results speak for themselves. For further information on this service, please contact the clinic.